Mitarbeiterinterview mit Sascha Mommerskamp

Aircraft mechanist

Das Interview

Tell us about your daily tasks at work:

My daily tasks at RAS are to maintain and restore the airworthiness of different types of aircraft, but mainly of the DAHER TBM type. This includes scheduled controls and maintenance work, troubleshooting and repair but also emergency operations, the so-called AOGs. Furthermore I also take care of the communication with our respective customers.

Since when have you been working for RAS and what do you like about your work here?

I started working at RAS in October 2011 with a three-month internship. Since 01.01.2012 I am fully employed at RAS. What I like about working here is the diversity of my job. Each project is different and brings new challenges that need to be addressed constantly and must be resolved. Furthermore working together with my colleagues is great fun and we are a very good team.

Which project did you prefer the most?

Actually, there is no special project that I prefer the most. For me personally, I find the most exciting projects are the challenging ones when troubleshooting is necessary. This requires specific and detailed work to try to solve the existing problems.