Mitarbeiterinterview mit Martin Hollstein

Aircraft mechanic / Supervisor

Das Interview

Tell us about your daily tasks at work:

I am responsible for the maintenance and repair work on Business Aviation aircraft. I check, verify and release the work that is done on the aircraft. I communicate with customers and order all parts and materials needed for our work. As soon as this work is done, I make sure that the aircraft is airworthy and write the “release to service” statement. I also assign and monitor the project personnel to their tasks .

Since when have you been working for RAS and what do you like about your work here?

I started working for RAS in April 2014, since the opening of the Business Aviation Division. I was part of the Business Aviation unit from the very beginning and I can proudly say that our hangars are filled many different aircraft. I enjoy working here because of the work done on a variety of different aircraft types.

Which project did you prefer the most?

My favorite work is on projects with engine changes or projects that are long lasting and extensive. The most extensive project so far was the conversion of a Cessna C680 from a business jet to a surveying aircraft.