Mitarbeiterinterview mit Marcus Fröhlich

Fueling Station

Das Interview

Tell us about your daily tasks:

My main responsibilities are refueling aircraft at our airport. This includes the daily control of the quality of our fuels. Density and temperature are recorded in writing and the pilot is given a note on the invoice. This data is only of interest for flights with passengers, in order to calculate the range and take-off weight. I am also responsible for ordering and storage of fuels, as well as the registration of the delivered goods with customs.

Since when have you been working for RAS and what do you like about your work here?

I started working for RAS in April of this year. After 25 years of driving trucks, it was a unique chance for something new. What I enjoy most about my job is that it is very customer-oriented. At my previous job as a truck driver, it was my sole responsibility to bring goods from one place to another. My job at RAS however allows me to be an important part of the entire process at the airport.

Which project did you prefer the most?

Every working day is a new project for me that I enjoy and I never know what to expect.