Mitarbeiterinterview mit Andreas Jaax


Das Interview

When did you join RAS?

I have been working in the RAS saddlery for 5,5 years and I helped to build up this shop several years ago. I am a trained aircraft interior decorator.

What does your daily business include?

Our daily business in the saddlery is the production of aircraft covers. Furthermore, we cut and chain carpets and also do the flocking on request. One of our main tasks is the maintenance and inspection of pilot seats. We also produce fabric and leather covers for pilot seats, in rare cases also for passenger seats. However, I prefer to work on custom-made products for business aviation.

What was your personal highlight at RAS?

The delivery of the sewing machine, that was completely made for our needs. The sewing machine was a really great investment for our shop.

What makes your work so good?

I learned the craft from experts many years ago and from all my experience I can say that our products fit perfectly. My goal is to make the products so good, that I would buy them for myself.