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HondaJet Elite II

As the exclusive HondaJet dealer in Central Europe, RAS would like to familiarize you with the many superior characteristics of this exciting new business jet. This advanced light jet breaks new ground in both design and performance. With its numerous innovations, HondaJet combines cruising speed with a spacious cabin. Its long list of outstanding features make the HondaJet a wonderful choice for modern business aviation. Additionally, Honda Aircraft has just launched the improved HondaJet Elite S.

The HondaJet sets new standards in business aviation. Thanks to its innovative design, it combines high performance with the most efficient engine. Together with its state-of-the-art production and comprehensive maintenance programs and an exceedingly comfortable cabin, this HondaJet will guarantee an unforgettable flying experience.  In 2020, HondaJet had the highest sales volume in its class, for the 4th consecutive year – a clear confirmation of the customers trust, for this fascinating and competitive new jet.

Max Altitude
43,000 ft / FL 430
Cabin Length
17.80 ft / 5,43 m
Cabin Width
5.00 ft / 1,52 m
Cabin Height
4.83 ft / 1,47 m
Baggage Space
Combined Stowage: 62 ft³ / 1,76 m³
Aft Compartment: 53 ft³ / 1,5 m³
Nose Compartment: 9 ft³ / 0,25 m³
Cruise Speed
High Speed: 422 KTAS
Long Range: 360 KTAS
2 crew + 6 passengers
1 crew + 7 passengers

Fly faster, higher, farther.

This jet has a unique arrangement of two powerful GE Honda HF-120 engines located above the wings, which facilitates the natural flow process. The innovative composite construction of the jet enables a drastic reduction in air resistance, resulting in a significant reduction in fuel consumption during flight. The superior aerodynamic design provides the crew and passengers with a convincingly quiet cabin experience. At the same time, the HondaJet offers significantly more storage and luggage space than comparable aircraft models.

  • Fastest jet in its category
  • Fastest climb rate in the LightJet category
  • Highest cruising altitude
  • Excellent non-stop range

Focus on the environment

With the highest fuel efficiency in its class, the HondaJet Elite S not only transports passengers to beautiful and remote places on this planet, but also strives to preserve it for the next generation. Compared to other business jets in its class, the HondaJet Elite II consumes an average of 8000 gallons (30,300l) less fuel per year.

  • Reduced fuel consumption through innovative design
  • Low operating costs
  • Outstanding noise and emissions performance to protect the environment

Maximum Comfort & Maximum Style

The HondaJet offers the largest and quietest cabin in its class with exquisitely designed comfort, where no details have been overlooked. Among other features, the jet offers comfortable seats with ample legroom and allows control of the cabin environment, including LED lighting, via smartphone. In the rear of the cabin is a fully equipped washroom with running water and a fixed cabin door, for maximum privacy.

The HondaJet Elite II is certified for single-pilot operation and offers enough space for 1+7 passengers. At 1.76 m³, the HondaJet’s baggage compartment offers the largest storage space for a jet in its class.

  • Largest cabin in its category
  • Unbeatable legroom
  • Outstanding cabin features
  • Exquisite design
  • Spacious overhead bins
  • Private toilet with sink and water
  • Very low noise level in the cabin

Intuitive design, for maximum safety

The HondaJet cockpit combines optional safety with space, based on an ergonomic, modern design. Thanks to the innovative Garmin G3000 all-glass avionics cockpit, pilot & aircraft combine as one. Dual touchscreen controllers and three 14-inch landscape high-resolution displays enhance control, navigation and flight planning.

  • State-of-the-art cockpit design, clearly structured and efficient
  • Intuitive operation and improved situational awareness
  • Automatic lighting system and anti-icing protection

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