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RAS 72

maritime reconnaissance


The complete MPA/ASW tool set

As a marine patrol aircraft, the RAS 72 offers three significant advantages: high performance, completed reliability and low operating costs. It was developed based on German technology and on our experience with ATR family maintenance. Its state-of-the-art mission equipment makes it adaptable for the most varied of tasks.

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Specifically designed for airborne law enforcement, the window installation offers significant visibility improvement for observer personnel during surveillance missions.


Specifically designed for airborne law enforcement, the window installation offers significant visibility improvement for observer personnel during surveillance missions.

Store Management

Weapon pylons including an aerodynamic frame, ejector release unit and spigot device providing rapid launch of a wide range of weapon types including torpedoes and missiles for several warfare scenarios.

AESA 360°

Features multi-domain capabilities with high performance sea and land surveillance through a wide swath, high resolution ground mapping, small and low speed ground target indication, and air-to-air surveillance, tracking and intercept modes.

EO/IR High Definition

Superior image stabilization, ultra-long range imaging performance, and true metadata embedded in the digital HD video. Features MWIR thermal imager, HD color and low-light cameras, as well as multiple laser payload options.

Line of Sight and Beyond
Line of Sight Datalink Capabilities

Line of Sight and Beyond Line of Sight Datalink Capabilities SATCOM system with the capability to send high-definition full motion video and sensor data from the action theater back to command authorities beyond the horizon. Additional datalink features may include AFAPD, Link 16, IDM, Link 22, JREAP, SADL, Link 11 and VMF.

and DF

Standard AIS capabilities fully implemented with the mission management system. DF operating on all frequency bands used for rescue missions, including emergency frequencies and channel 16 for the marine band.

Acoustic Processing
System (APS)

APS fully integrated into the aircraft’s mission management system. It can process active and passive acoustic data received from sonobuoys for detection, tracking, localization and classification of surface and sub-surface targets.

Launching System

Pneumatic powered sonobuoy launching system for maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare applications. The launcher is electrically and functionally interfaced with the mission management system and reloadable in-flight. A, F and G-size sonobuoys can be supported.

Chaff and Flare
Dispensing System

The CFD system protects the asset from air-to-air and surface-to-air radar and heat-seeking missiles. The self-defense suite includes passive countermeasure capabilities. The system is interfaced with various electronic warfare sensors and controlled by the mission management system.
Engine PW 127 F/M Engine
Maximum Cruise Speed 250 KTS 465 km/h
Maximum Operational Altitude 25,000 ft 7,620 m
Maximum Endurance (at 5,000 ft) +9.00 h at 23,000 kg
Take-off Distance (MTOW, SL, AEO, ISA) 3,839 ft 1,170 m
Landing Distance (MLW, SL, ISA) 2,067 ft 630 m
Maximum Take-off Weight 50,706 lb 23,000 kg
Maximum Landing Weight 49,273 lb 22,350 kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 46,297 lb 21,000 kg
Maximum Fuel Capacity 11,023 lb 5,000 kg
Case Study

MPA Sea Eagle

The sea eagle is a cost-efficient marine patrol aircraft (MPA) with anti-submarine warfare capability and advanced technology for situational awareness. The aircraft is based on the ATR 72, the market leader in turboprop regional aircraft.

Basic configuration

In its basic configuration, the aircraft is equipped with a multimode long-haul radar and an EO/IR sensor for air, maritime and ground surveillance. It also incorporates a sonar recognition system with sonobuoy launchers and two mounting suspensions for weapons systems in defense against naval and submarine attacks.


The installed mission systems and sensors are controlled by the Aerodata AeroMission system. The AeroMission can display feeds from the sensors installed on all control stations and has a sensor fusion algorithm which provides the team on board with extensive situational awareness. We delivered two sea eagles, ready for use, converted on the basis of the twin-engine ATR 72 turboprops, to the Pakistani Navy in 2018 and 2019.
Possible equipment
Mission management system «AeroMission»
AESA 360° multimode radar system
Two weapon carriers
Sonobuoy launching system
Broadband satcom system
Tactical data link capabilities
Self-protection suite and electronic support
Measures systems