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Special Mission

Many Missions –
One Partner


The perfect equipment for every assignment

We supply the aircraft for your mission – be it for civil or military use. From cargo conversion, air space and sea surveillance to firefighting and medical transport. We select advanced technology and mission-oriented systems independently of the manufacturer and integrate them on the fitting platform accordingly.


One-stop-shop for your missions

We re-equip, modify or expand your operational capability. Following a 360º degree analysis of your mission, we select the perfect aircraft and the necessary sensor technology in close collaboration with you. After this, we work out the design. One we have had a successful test phase and your subsequent approval, we are happy to offer the maintenance of your aircraft as well as pilot and system training.


Mission-focussed aircraft modification

Conversion and specialisation know no limits: we develop modifications for maritime patrol, air reconnaissance and VIP transport. For example, we install high-performance digital mapping cameras or tracking systems for rescuing accident victims.

RAS 72 –
Multi-Role Aircraft

The RAS 72 is a cost effective multi-role Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) with antisubmarine warfare capabilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology for superior situational awareness.

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We offer training on all the systems we install. We provide training courses jointly with the OEM at our centrally located Mönchengladbach headquarters. Here we familiarise you with all systems in theoretical and practical training sessions. We also offer training and advice for your mechanics to ensure correct maintenance.


Global support

We offer long-term logistical support for your special mission aircraft as well as for the systems and sensors installed. Maintenance, repairs and overhaul (MRO) take place at our Düsseldorf-Mönchengladbach Airport (EDLN, MGL) headquarters or with our mobile maintenance teams directly on-site. We are happy to provide spare parts and deliver ground support equipment (GSE) so that you are always excellently equipped.