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Bell 505 Jet Ranger X

The modern, aerodynamic design and state-of-the-art engine technology particularly enhance the characteristics that matter most in a helicopter: safety, efficiency and reliability.

The areas of application for the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X are very diverse. It is the ideal helicopter for private charter flights, corporate missions, work flights or professional pilot training. The light single-engine helicopter impresses with a unique combination of advanced technology and superior fuel efficiency with low acquisition and operating costs.

The Bell 505 is the only helicopter in its class to feature a Turbomeca Arrius 2R engine with a dual-channel FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system. Due to the high moment of inertia of the Bell 505 rotor system, the helicopter offers excellent auto-rotation capability. A fully integrated Garmin G1000 NXi glass cockpit with two 10.4-inch LCD screens and the generous panoramic windows provide pilots and passengers with high visibility, complete situational awareness and the highest level of safety perception.

Max. Reisegeschwindigkeit
125 kts (231 km/h)
Range at VLRC
306 nm (566 km)
MGW, Meeresspiegel,
ISA, ohne Reserven
Max. Flugdauer
> 3h 54 min
(ohne Reserven, 60 KIAS)
22 ft² (2,0 m²)
18 ft³ (0,5 m³)
18,610 ft PA (5.672 m)
Max. Schwebeflughöhe IGE
14,550 ft (4.404 m)
Max. Schwebeflughöhe OGE
10,460 ft (3.188 m)
Leergewicht (Grundausstattung)
2,180 lbs (988 kg)
Max. Abflugmasse (ohne Außenlast)
3,680 lbs (1.669 kg)
Max. Abflugmasse (mit Außenlast)
4,475 lbs (2.299 kg)
Nutzlast (Grundausstattung, ohne Außenlast)
1,500 lbs (680 kg)
505 shp (377 kW)
Max. Dauerleistung
459 shp (377 kW)


The light turbine helicopter is powered by an Arrius 2R engine, manufactured by the French company Safran Helicopter Engines. This makes it the first helicopter in its class to feature FADEC engine control. This engine control system increases operational safety by reducing the pilot’s workload. It also provides exceptional performance and reliability, as well as a cruise speed of 125 kts (232 km/h).

A dual-channel FADEC maintains constant operating speed while the engine data recorder monitors flight and maintenance parameters (BOOST compatible). The Bell 505’s rotor also provides additional capability during autorotation. This allows for more time to safely initiate maneuvers.

Safety in the Bell 505 is enhanced by both the ample glazing and the glass flight deck. The fully integrated cockpit features a next-generation Garmin® G1000H Nxi avionics system with dual 10.4-inch LCD screens. The suite displays key flight instruments, audio alerts and CAS messages.


Passengers and pilots are impressed with the Bell’s 505 JRX high-tech cockpit and variable cabin design which makes it a very comfortable helicopter.

Due to the adaptability of the Bell 505, the helicopter can be used in a variety of functions. The spacious cabin can accommodate four passengers and a pilot. The seats of the Bell 505 are generally wider and offer spacious legroom. The elevated position of the rear seats gives passengers a fascinating all-round view.

Another hallmark of the Bell 505 is its excellent panoramic visibility, which contributes to safety. The generous panoramic window of the Bell 505 offers great views for better situational awareness.

The spacious and variable cabin can be comfortably adapted to any mission. The rear seats are easy to access or can be quickly and easily removed in just a few simple steps. Take advantage of the flat floor, integrated lugs for tie-down straps and extra-wide door opening.

Whether for cargo, charter or corporate missions, the Bell 505 offers flexible solutions for every mission. Customize the cabin to suit your needs. Choose the interior from a variety of premium leather options or practical upgrades that provide additional storage space.

Stability & Reliability

Experienced pilots are convinced by the stable and reliable performance of the Bell 505 JRX helicopter. Even in the windiest of weather conditions, the Bell 505’s exceptional stability inspires confidence in the crew and fellow passengers. With the Bell 505, you’re always in the field – regardless of fair weather conditions.

Rely on the Bell 505’s versatility: whether sightseeing flights in the mountains or inspecting important utility lines in windy terrain – the Bell 505 masters even complex and demanding environments with ease.

It’s reassuring to know that the Bell 505 can withstand crosswinds of up to 24.8 kts / 46 km/h. This gives it a significant competitive advantage over other helicopters, whose operational limit is wind speeds of 16.7 kts / 31 km/h. With the Bell 505, weather is no longer a worry or a setback.

In particular, constantly changing wind and weather conditions increase the demands on a helicopter in action, even in Germany. The modern aerodynamic design and the weight of the Bell 505 make it an exceptionally robust and stable turbine helicopter that can be relied on at any time.

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