RAS Aviation Newsletter | 01/2023

Introducing Our NDT Department

What in the world is NDT? Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a practical time-and-money saving analysis technique.

NDT is used to examine the properties of a material or component – without damaging the part, destroying its original design and structure, or altering its properties.

There are several NDT methods. The most common NDT methods in aviation are:

1.       Eddy Current Testing (ET)
2.       Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
3.       Penetrant Testing (PT)
4.       Radiographic Testing (RT)
5.       Thermographic Testing (TT)
6.       Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
7.       Visual Inspection (VT)

RAS has several approvals from the LBA (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) for 3 of the above methods (ET, UT and PT). We are keen on expanding our NDT Department and are applying for the Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) as a fourth method approved by the LBA.

Because NDT does not permanently alter or damage the part being inspected, it is an extremely valuable technique that can save our customers both money and time on aircraft maintenance.

Next edition: The benefits of NDT Testing